Our new Zee-6 cooler is now available!

Published by - June 22, 2019

Welcome to ZeeCoolers! We are happy to announce that our entire slim cooler lineup is back in stock. We’ve made plenty of improvements to the original Zee10 cooler, and have added some new products as well.

The new Zee6 slim cooler

We have launched the new Zee6 cooler, it is more compact than the Zee10 and holds six standard cans or two wine bottles. It comes with two ice packs included.

The new Zee6 cooler, holds six cans, two wine bottles, or four glass bottles.

Zee10 Upgrades

Our existing Zee10 cooler has been upgraded with a front pocket and improved zipper and strap hardware. Blue is now an option for both of our coolers, in addition to the original grey color.

Our new blue Zee10 cooler with a front pocket

Slim icepacks are now available

Extra icepacks can now be purchased separately and even work well in other containers besides our slim coolers. Throw a couple in a 12-pack box for a cheap way to keep your beers cold.

Our new website has launched

We built this new website to make it easier to provide information, content, and customer service for our slim cooler line.


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