Frequently Asked Questions

How long will this cooler keep my drinks cold?

Short answer: longer than any other slim cooler on the market. Long answer: 6-12 hours, depending on the starting temperature of your beverage and the temperature outside. Testing shows that on a 100 degree day in 100% sunlight, beverages stay below 55 degrees for 6 hours when starting at 36 degrees. 

Does the cooler come with ice packs?

Yes, every cooler that we sell comes with two quick freeze ice packs and a shoulder strap.

How many cans and bottles do your coolers hold?

The Zee10 cooler holds: 10 standard cans, 8 craft cans, 6 beer bottles, or 3 wine bottles.

The Zee6 cooler holds: 6 standard cans, 4 craft cans, 4 beer bottles, or 2 wine bottles.