Zee6 Slim Cooler

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Keep your drinks cold without the bulk. The Zee6 is the little brother to the Zee10, with a longer and thinner shape, you can hold 6 standard cans.


  • Two quick freeze ice packs
  • One shoulder strap
  • Free shipping
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Designed with function and durability in mind, ZeeCooler's slim casing keeps your things cold without the bulk. Easy to carry, easy to store. Never compromising on quality.


Sleek design
Bulky and heavy coolers are a thing of the past. ZeeCooler's slim profile makes transporting your things a breeze.
Roomy Interior
Securely fits 6 standard cans or two wine bottles
Quick freeze ice packs
Our uniquely designed ice packs stay cold all day and longer than the competitions' (we checked)


Dimensions16in x 5in x 5in
Empty Weight1.8 lbs
Can Capacity (12oz)6 Regular Cans
Can Capacity (16oz)4 Craft Cans
Beer Bottle Capacity4 Bottles
Wine Bottles2 Bottles

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